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Exciting and challenging qualifications will prepare you for further study and careers.

We offer A-level courses in a broad range of subjects.  All students at Six 21 will study the Extended Project Qualification. To find out more about what life as a student at Six 21 will be like, please read our Studying at Six 21 information pack.

Your choice of courses

As we are an ever growing and changing school, more subjects may become available for you to study. Keep checking this page for our updated list.

For more information on our courses and to see the course videos please go to the Virtual Open Week tab or follow this link.

Top university programme

If you are aiming for an elite university, there will be a dedicated programme of support so that you are equipped to succeed at the institution of your choice. All students will benefit from Six 21’s fantastic careers programme, including work placements, real world projects, visits to universities and colleges, and high quality advice and mentoring. However, for those who are applying to institutions with highly specialised application processes (such as Oxbridge, many Russell Group universities, elite art and music colleges, or specific courses such as medicine or veterinary science), there will be an additional layer of support available. Academic mentoring, workshops run by university admissions departments, and additional support to prepare for admissions tests and interviews will be made available to all who need it.

Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a qualification that allows you to explore a topic of your choice through a piece of rigorous, independent research. It is a recognised and highly recommended qualification by top universities who see it as an opportunity for students to develop their expertise, creativity, and research skills.  At Six 21 you may have the option to study the EPQ in addition to your A-level courses.

Real World Learning Project

Real World Learning Projects (RWLP) are School 21’s take on work experience and provide both student and their host workplace with something that is more meaningful and authentic than traditional work experience. 

 Spending half a day a week in the workplace, for a term and a half, students are tasked with solving an authentic problem for a real organisation. The projects can take any form, as long as there is an authentic outcome that students are required to produce. This could be a piece of research, a social media campaign, the redesign of a process, promotional videos, the creation of a piece of art or the planning and delivery of a community event etc. It should be something that would be of genuine value to the organisation.


We are proud to partner with a diverse mix of organisations, from retailers like John Lewis to local charities such as Bow Arts.  each organisation has tasked our students to solve a meaningful and challenging problem that will add value to their work!

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