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Our commitment to every student

We want all our students to succeed in life. So, at Six 21, we form a partnership with you that lasts beyond your time here so that you can be confident you are on the path towards future success. 

While you are at Six 21

  • You will form tight-knit coaching groups, supporting each other to grow as individuals, as leaders, and as caring and collaborative young adults. 

  • You will have regular one-on-one meetings with your coach, supporting you academically and emotionally. 

  • We will support you through the process of university, college and job applications – giving you access to high quality information, arranging visits to a broad range of institutions, and offering expert guidance from our internal careers team and our extensive network of partners. 

When you leave Six 21

  • You will still be able to ask for advice and guidance, particularly around landing your dream job in the first few years after university. 

  • We will run networking events, inviting potential employers and influential partners to meet former students. 

  • You will join our Six 21 graduate community, giving you the opportunity to reach hundreds of alumni with questions or requests for advice. 

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