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From School 21, an
East London school, comes a groundbreaking
new Sixth Form -
for those with academic ambitions and a pioneering spirit.

Who are we?

You’ve done your GCSEs. You’ve worked hard. You’re ambitious. You want to make a difference to the world now and not just in the future. You want to go to a good university but you have an eye on your career as well. You want a future filled with spark and excitement and the chance to grow in a variety of ways. 


Six 21 might be what you’re looking for.  We have fantastic teachers with experience of getting students into top universities. We also have extraordinary partners who work with us to give you life-changing experiences. Experiences you can’t get anywhere else. A career in medicine or science? A career in the creative industries? The chance to work with top creative talents in theatres, film production companies, high tech businesses. 


Open since September 2017, Six21 is a pioneering new institution for the ambitious, the academic, and the enterprising.

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