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What will you bring to Six 21?

What do you think deeply about?

How can we craft an ‘ideal’ community?

These are all questions that are central to our journey through the Quest programme, in which students will explore what it means to be part of a scholarly community and how it can be shaped, as well as reflecting on their personal goals and delving into eye opening questions.

Wellbeing and developing our culture

Quest begins with a consideration of the events and people that have shaped who we are today. It is a time for students to reflect on what they are bringing to Six 21, while also considering how they want to shape their future in further education and beyond.

At Six 21 we seek to support students on a transition from the mentality of a secondary pupil to a professional and scholarly student. This culture is driven by student voice, and in particular the Quest project of generating a whole school culture code.

Over the course of a month and a series of assemblies, collaborative discussions and presentations the students will create, critique and refine a code of conduct that exemplifies their mature and scholarly approach to the Six 21 community. This culture code will be used to recognise when students are positively contributing to the community.

As Quest continues throughout the year there will be opportunities for students to discuss and reflect on their own personal progress, as well as wider issues affecting young people today.

Knowledge and thinking deeply

As lifelong learners we believe it is important that students have a breadth of knowledge and skills that cover a range of disciplines, while also developing expert knowledge in key areas they are passionate about.

Quest students will be introduced to a range of ‘big ideas’ and challenging texts in their first term. Through discussion and analysis students will think deeply about ideas far beyond the standard A level subject content such as; What does it mean to be human? Where did intelligence evolve from? What does it mean to be an individual? Could planet Earth be communicating with us?

This ‘big ideas’ portion of the course will provide rigorous content from a range of disciplines, challenge students to critique ideas from a variety of viewpoints and prepare them to embark on the EPQ project.

Who is this course for?

All students at Six 21 take the Quest course.


The Quest programme is designed to support students based on their needs at specific times of the year. It will cover a range of themes including student wellbeing, EPQ preparation and university applications.

Our approach (2017 / 2018)

Students will be taught in small groups in lessons timetabled across the week with a dedicated Quest supervisor. This dedicated space and time will enable students to regularly reflect on their journey and consider what actions will lead them to achieve their goals.

There will be opportunities for students to develop their oracy skills in assemblies, while the shared experience of collaborating on our culture code and big ideas will develop their interpersonal skills.

Reflecting on our

past, present and


Building a scholarly culture code

Introducing great texts and exploring big ideas

Developing academic research skills

Delving into EPQ projects

University and career preparation

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