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Year 12 Applications are closed


That's why at Six 21, you develop head, heart and hand





You will be challenged to think deeply, learn from the best academics and gain great qualifications.

You will get the chance to make a difference to the world and build your strengths and character. 



You will get the chance to solve real life problems, generate ideas and make products of value.


Universities and employers are looking

for something very different from today's young people.

Over two exciting and challenging years we will help you grow as a person:

A renewed sense of PURPOSE, and a set of values that will drive you to success.

Great QUALIFICATIONS, that will set you up for university and life.

Great SPEAKING skills as a result of our groundbreaking oracy curriculum.

The ability to generate creative IDEAS and solve complex challenges.

LEADERSHIP development so that you have the confidence and skills to make a difference in the world. 

A NETWORK of people you will have met, talked to and worked with who can help you in the future.

“With the exception of some magical schools like School 21 – I don’t think education has changed much in the past 50 years.”

Richard Branson

Virgin Group founder

“The best, most creative and entrepreneurial school in the UK, with a great vibe and an ‘all welcome’ ethos.”

Richard Reed

Innocent Smoothies Founder

“One of the most exciting schools out there, School 21 is leading the way in how post 16 education should look. Their cutting-edge approach to teaching and important links with the business community are developing the most talented and employable young people of today.”

Lord Rumi Vergee

Businessman and philanthropist

World class partnerships

Contact us

Pitchford Street
E15 4RZ 

Tel: 020 8262 2121 (+621)


Learning from great entrepreneurs

Exciting clubs

Art and design projects

Drama and music shows

Support getting into top universities

Volunteering - here and abroad

Leadership and Mentoring

Debating and public speaking

Fitness and Wellbeing

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